The late Néstor Cáceres Velásquez Andean University are:

    a) Assimilate, keep, increase, reassess, spread national culture, Andean and critically universal character, thoughtful and creative.
    b) Conduct research in the humanities, science and technology, according to local needs, regional and national proposing alternatives for achieving socio-economic development and social welfare of the country.
    c) Humanist form professionals, qualified scientists and researchers high quality academic, according to the requirements and priority needs of the country.
    d) Promote and implement actions Extension and, applying knowledge in culture, science and technology for the solution of the problems of the community in general.
    e) Promote, recatar and develop ethical values, civic, national consciousness, the sense of responsibility and solidarity in the service of the community, reaffirming national integration.
    f) Provide the production of goods and provision of services, to contribute to local development, regional and national.
    g) Perform such other duties prescribed the Constitution of the State, the University Act and the Statute of the University for our graduates and professionals.